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The icing sheet won’t blend into the icing on my cake ?
Icing sheet has bubbled ?
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Types of Edible Toppers
There are three types of edible topper that can be used to print edible images:

Wafer paper, also known as edible rice paper, or the thicker wafer card and icing sheets which are sometimes called frosting sheets.

Wafer Paper/ Card
Wafer paper / Card is a starch-based edible paper.
Edible images printed onto wafer paper will not be as high quality as those printed onto icing sheets making it less suitable for photo cakes.
Wafer paper is ideal though for printing things like leaves, feathers, wings, flowers and butterflies. Wafer paper dissolves in water but not on icing so it will not blend into the surface of an iced cake. You simply lay a wafer paper topper onto your cake.  As a result, wafer paper may be noticeable when cutting or eating the cake. Wafer paper also has a tendency to curl or wrinkle when refrigerated or placed on moist cakes. Unlike icing sheets, wafer paper has no plastic backing to peel away and it requires your images to be cut out individually, unless you have a full size sheet image of course.
Wafer paper can be cut to desired shapes and sizes. 

Icing Sheets

Icing sheets are not paper but thin layers of icing that have been pressed onto a flexible plastic backing. Icing sheets are the preferred form of “edible paper” for use on cakes. Edible images printed onto icing sheets will have more vibrant colour and crisper lines than those printed onto wafer paper. Icing sheets also blend into the iced surface of a cake absorbing the taste and colour of whatever is underneath. Because of this, most icing types are suitable to use underneath this product including butter cream, royal icing, glaced icing, fondant icing and fresh cream.  Icing sheets come in many different shapes and sizes or can be cut to desired shapes and sizes using a craft knife


Storing Your icing Sheets

Icing sheets should be stored tightly sealed in the grip seal bag provided to prevent them from drying out. Store flat out of direct light. Icing sheets do not need to be refrigerated.
They have a shelf life of a minimum of 6 months from date of purchase.
Can icing sheets be purchased in advance?
Icing sheets can be printed in advance and then stored in the grip seal bag provided. 
Leave the plastic backing on until ready to use.
Store flat, out of direct light.
As with other food colourings, edible images can fade if overexposed to UV light.

Using Your Icing Sheet(s)

Butter cream
Handle your icing sheets with care using clean, dry hands.
If cutting out an image, do that while the frosting sheet is still on the backing and while it is still flexible. Use a pair of very sharp scissors or a craft knife.
Before the icing on your cake has had time to form a skin or crust, carefully remove the icing sheet from the plastic backing and apply it to the iced cake by lowering the sheet down onto the cake from the middle outward, carefully and gently smoothing with your hand.
Finish decorating your cake. You can pipe over icing sheets but take care not to puncture the sheet with your decorating tip. Store finished cake covered or in a cake box.
Non-dairy Whipped Topping
Application is the same as for butter cream.

Whipped Cream
Application is the same as for butter cream. Because of the high water content in whipped cream, you should apply the edible image as close to serving time as possible. Colours may run and the image may fade. To avoid this, you can apply the edible image to a fondant plaque to protect it from the moisture of the whipped cream.

Royal Icing
Mist the royal icing very lightly with water and then apply the edible image. You can also apply the image before the icing sets but it may wrinkle as the royal icing dries.

Rolled Fondant/Marzipan
Using water lightly moisten just the area where you want to apply your edible image.

Glaced Icing
Pour your icing as usual. Apply the edible image just before the icing sets. Be sure your cake is level or the edible image may slide.

Problems with Icing Removal

The icing sheet it absorbing moisture from the air. 
Maybe you are in humid conditions or are in a hot kitchen?  You need to dry the sheet slightly. 
You can speed up this drying process by using a blow dryer.
To do this, gently hold the icing sheet at one corner and blow dry in a slow side to side motion on the back. Pay special attention to areas heavily saturated with ink.
Another method, and my favourite one, is to place the icing sheet in the freezer (frost free) for 5 minutes which will release the sheet from the backing. 
Remove the sheet from the backing as it comes out of the freezer otherwise it may start to stick again. 
If doing cupcake toppers, you can just keep popping the sheet back into the freezer. 
To be honest I tend to leave the sheet in the freezer and just keep popping the toppers off and placing straight onto cakes as I go.
Rolling the plastic backing across the sharp edge of a table might also help to release the icing sheet.

The icing sheet won’t blend into the icing on my cake.
The icing on your cake has formed a skin or crusted over.
Apply your icing sheet before the icing on your cake has had time to form a skin or crust over.
If it crusts before you are able to apply the icing sheet, lightly mist the area with water.

Icing sheet has bubbled.
Moisture has seeped up through the cake.
Tapping down the bubbles with your finger can make them less noticeable.
To prevent this, be sure your cake is completely cooled before icing it and applying the icing sheet.
Store your finished cake in a cool, dry place. You’ll also want to avoid storing the finished cake in an airtight cake dome at room temperature.
An airtight cake dome can act like a greenhouse.

Icing sheet has wrinkled.
The cake has flexed.
Use a sturdier board underneath your cake.
This is especially true with large sheet cakes that have an icing sheet in the centre.
Icing sheets become part of the cake so they will flex whenever the cake flexes.
This can cause wrinkles or cracks to form in the icing sheet.

Icing sheet has cracked or is damaged beyond repair.
If your icing sheet has cracked or become irreparably damaged while it’s on the cake, a new icing sheet can be applied over the damaged one. 
First repair any cracks to the surface of the cake by filling them in with icing.
Then, using the smooth side of a basket weave tip, pipe over the damaged icing sheet and lay a new one over it smoothing gently with your hand. 
If the crack was caused by a lack of support underneath the cake, you will need to add more support or the crack may reappear.


How do I upload my photo?
There is an upload facility once you get to your shopping basket
Or you simply email your image to us at yourpicture@caketopperdesigns.co.uk
You can supply it in pretty much any format and we will advise if we have any issues with your chosen image.


I can’t see my design on the website?
If you require something specific that we don’t have listed, please drop us an email and we’ll happily put something together for you.  If Required we will email a proof over for you to have a look at.  
Please note that if we send a link to the website for you to place your order, the link will not take you to your specific design, it will be one of our design your own toppers with an image for illustration purposes only.


When will I receive my cake topper?
This depends on the delivery option you have chosen. 
We aim to print and dispatch all orders in accordance with our processing times and receipt of any instructions from you (Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays). 
Our standard delivery service is via Royal Mail first class mail. 
Royal Mail aim to deliver within 1-2 days but do not guarantee this, the state that you should allow 5 business days for delivery.

If you require your topper urgently, we also offer royal mail special delivery which guarantees delivery by 1pm the day after we dispatch it. 
This is obviously a far more expensive option and has 2 services. 
There is Monday to Friday special delivery and then there is Special Delivery with a Saturday delivery guarantee (even more expensive than normal special delivery). 
If you select special delivery and we dispatch on a Friday, you would not be guaranteed to get your topper until Monday unless you have selected the Saturday guarantee option. 
You are required to sign for this service on delivery and tracking is also provided.

International Orders are sent Via Airmail
Estimated Delivery as follows
Western Europe within 3 working days
Eastern Europe within 5 working Days
Rest Of The World within 5-7 working days.


My Item Has Not Arrived Can I have My Money Back?
Royal Mail state that an item will not be considered lost until 15 business days have elapsed from date of posting
We can only process claims after this time has passed. 
Therefore, please ensure that you order your topper in plenty of time for your event.